Immortal RO (Ragnarok Online Private Server) Official Website 2020

Immortal RO (Ragnarok Online Private Servers) Official Website 2020

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MMORPG Ragnarok Online came to life in 2002. While there are many servers released to enhance the gaming experience, we believe ours can make the difference. Our official server has been established a few years ago.

We are not affiliated with the original game, as our content has deviated a little.

​Welcome To Immortal RO – Our Ragnarok Online Server is Willing To Take Your Gaming Experience To Another Level!


We are always online. You feel like the world has ended when a game you put your heart and soul in closes. Such issues will never happen here. We are here to stay and we have managed to maintain a perfect online rate.

Amazing In-Game Activity (Easy to play)

We know how daunting it is to start a new game, but Immortal RO is a bit different. The game is very easy to start, while getting a slice of our high end features is only a matter of time. We provide exquisite beginner equipment and a top notch rental system to get you started right away.

Fun Server to play with

Above everything, a game is supposed to be fun. We make sure our Ragnarok Online Server(new server) brings in a fun experience. Challenging at times and rewarding after each battle, the game experience will never let you down.

Vote and Quest Items (free to play)

Powerful Vote and Quest Items

VIP & Donate Items/System

Amazing Perks for VIP Players. Affordable at its Best.

Balance Server

A Well-Rounded High Rate Ragnarok Private Server(renewal server), All Items, and Stats are Carefully Crafted by Professional and Experience Players.

Join the battleground

Our highly customized battlegrounds will surprise you with the intensity and dynamics. We tried to come up with the most exciting experience in the game. We constantly update these battlegrounds and keep our ears open to players’ suggestions and ideas.


Joining our battlegrounds is fairly simple and anyone can get there. There are a few different modes to choose from. Modes change based on players’ votes – simply cast your vote as you join the queue. It is all about you and what really matters for you.

Our Dedicated Numbers

Numbers say it all–forget about low rate cards and join the high rate server community we have created. You gain access to an 8,000x base experience, an 8,000x job experience, and 10,000x drop rate. Items fly everywhere, giving everyone the chance to improve.

MvP and normal cards are higher now – 10%, not to mention the 1% rare mvp card drop.

Three are 255 maximum levels (server max level 255) for base and 120 for job. The guild storage capacity is set to 700. A guild can take 40 members and parties can have 40 members or less.  Guild alliances are not enabled during WoE!

About The Game

4,000 yrs ago the three races – Gods, Demons, and Humans – lived in harmony, among them was a wise man called the ‘Immortal Prophet’. He then told the world, “Beseech thy sign for impending darkness has come. God, Demon, Humans alike only One shall survive.

Fear, not the ‘Ragnarok/Ragnarok online’ to come for thy saviour will shine, let darkness fade along with thy 7 trumpet sound.” Only a few understood the true meaning of the prophecy, one of which is the god’s Bor who feared the worse is yet to come. Thousands of years later a new Dark Lord was born that broke the balance between the three races – a war begun among the Gods & Demons while humans, being the weakest, was caught in between.

Now they are forced to choose a side or stand-alone and fight.


  • 8000x Base Experience (rates exp/max base/rates base)
  • 8000x Job Experience
  • 10000x Drop Rate
  • 100% Normal Card | 5 – 10% Mvp cards
  • 1% Rare Boss Card


  • Modified PK Server
  • Episode 13.2 – Modified
  • Pre Renewal
  • Max Levels: 255 (base level) and 120 (job level)
  • Max Stats: 300
  • Instant Cast: 150 DEX
  • ASPD: max aspd 196
  • Max Storage/Guild Storage Capacity: 1000
  • Max Zeny: 2,000,000,000
  • Server Timezone: GMT + 8
  • Main Language: English
  • Max party size: 30 members
  • Max guild size: 46 members
  • Guild alliances are disabled during WoE
  • Max character slots per account: 6


  • Multi-client: Enabled
  • Adelay System (Anti-No Delay/Speedhack)
  • 3.0 Gepard Shield Protected
  • DDoS Protection and Mitigation
  • Internet/Network speed: 1GB/sec
  • Bandwidth Traffic: Unlimited
  • Guaranteed No Lag for (SEA) Players (Singapore Server)
  • LA,NY,NJ Proxies Enabled


  • Main NPC
  • Card Remover
  • MvP Warper
  • Healer
  • Seed/Berry Room
  • Gold Room
  • VIP Buffer
  • Reset NPC
  • PvP & WoE Warper
  • Item Remover
  • Identifier
  • Job Changer

  • Global Broadcaster
  • Extensive Mall
  • PvP Ladder
  • Universal Rental
  • Extensive Tool Shop
  • Slot Enchanter
  • VIP Shop
  • Quest Shop NPC

Amazing Features

  • Automated Events
  • MVP Hunter With Reward System
  • PVP Ladder With Reward System
  • MVP Monster Invasion With Reward System
  • Vote Points System
  • VIP System
  • New Job Mounts
  • Endless Tower With Regard System
  • Multiple Types Battlegrounds

Join us

Feel free to register and download the game today. Emerge into a new world that was highly customized(custom items) to take everyone’s experience(ragnarok experience/ragnarok online) to another level. Join our Discord group should you have any questions – the ideal place to find some partners in crime as well.


Our friendly community and friendly gms are active over our forums too. Get in touch with us, make some new friends, discover new strategies or perhaps plan your next attack.


No matter what you are after, Immortal RO is up for it.​


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